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How much is this?

Our Gold and Silver subscription plans will give you access to the largest database of real people who want to have a tryst now. Subscriptions start for as little as $8 bucks! Plus, our 3 month and 1 year subscriptions are backed by our Tryst Guarantee.

What shows up on my bill when I Subscribe?

The billing descriptor will be discreet and will not indicate membership in any specific website. The descriptor is usually the name, website, or phone number of the billing processor (depending on which biller you signed up through).

Billing Support

You won't send me anything in the mail, will you?

The only correspondence you will receive from us will go to the email address you have registered on the site.

Who do I contact with questions concerning my bill?

Access our billing support page for biller contact information.

Billing Support

Will my subscription renew automatically?

For your convenience, the billing provider will automatically renew your subscription when your initial subscription term expires unless you cancel prior to that date.

How do I cancel a subscription?

Upon subscribing, you will receive a confirmation email from our billing provider. You can contact them at anytime to cancel your subscription.

If I decide I don't like my subscription can I get prorated?

Subscriptions cannot be pro-rated. If you cancel after your first month, your subscription will remain active for the remainder of your initial term.

Why is my credit card transaction getting declined?

  1. Please verify your credit / debit card number is correct.
  2. Please verify your credit / debit card has not expired.

If you continue to have problems purchasing a subscription with a credit card, we also accept payment with U.S. check.


What is a flirt?

Flirts are a way for members to "break the ice" and let you know that they liked your profile.

To send a flirt click on "Flirt" then choose the type of flirt you would like to send.

Why can't I send more flirts?

Basic members are given a limited amount of free flirts to send. To send more flirts Upgrade your membership.

Why can't I read my Mail?

Reading and sending mail requires a subscription.

Can I send my personal contact information to other subscribers via email?

We do not recommend exchanging personal information unless you are 100% confident that you can trust the recipient. DO NOT POST ANY PERSONAL CONTACT INFORMATION IN YOUR PROFILE. Anyone can view your profile so it is not wise to post this information openly on the internet. We reserve the right to delete your personal contact information from the site.

My email appears to have been deleted.

There are a few possibilities:

  1. You received an email notification for a message in your inbox that you have already read and deleted. You may have received the email notification late due to Spam Filters that your email provider has in place.
  2. The message has been in your box for more then 30 days. All messages are deleted after 30 days to conserve space.

How do I change the email address where I get notifications?

You can update your email address at any time on your "My Settings" page.


How do I remove someone from my Faves list?

To remove a user from your list click on Faves, find the profile you would like to remove, and click the "Faves" button.

Profile Questions

How do I edit my profile?

Edit or update your profile at any time on your "My Profile" page.

My location is wrong - how do I change it?

You can change your home location at any time by going to your "My Profile" page and editing your "Profile Questions"

How do I delete my profile?

You can delete your profile from the site at any time by clicking on your username at the top of the page and choosing "My Settings". Scroll down to the Profile Removal section and then click on the button marked 'Permanently Delete your Profile'. Your entire profile including all pictures, correspondence and contact information will be PERMANENTLY deleted.

NOTE: If you are a paying subscriber, you will need to cancel your billing first before you can delete your profile. For billing inquiries, please contact your biller directly.

Photo Questions

How do I upload photos?

To upload pictures click your username at the top of the page and choose "My Photos"

How do I delete a photo?

To delete a photo from your profile click on Photos under My Profile then click on Delete located directly beside the image. You can replace an image by simply uploading a new image into the space of the image you no longer want on your profile.

You can also replace an image by simply uploading a new image into the space of the image you no longer want on your profile.

Why was my pic removed?

The main profile photo must be of YOU. Any other image will be deleted. It doesn't have to be a face pic, a cool body shot works great too.

You may upload pics of things other than yourself to your Album however pictures of celebrities or any copy written material that is not your property will be deleted.

Pictures that have URL links, email addresses, websites etc will be promptly removed.

Due to the adult nature of the community, pictures with minors are not allowed ANYWHERE on the site, regardless of context, and any picture of a child will be deleted.


How do I know a person's profile is real?

Unfortunately we cannot guarantee that the picture posted on a profile actually belongs to the person that registered the profile. We do not perform background checks on our users.

This site is for entertainment purposes only and does not pre-screen its subscribers or registrants in any way. We do not and cannot make any warranties as to the claims made by our subscribers. Please review our terms and conditions for full details. Please use your common sense and be careful about giving out personal information to people you meet on this site.

If you feel that a subscriber is using this site for abusive or fraudulent purposes that are not in adherence with our terms, please contact us with their username so that we may investigate. You can do this easily by clicking on their profile and then clicking on the link that says "Report this profile".

How do I change my password?

Change your password by clicking your username at the top of the page and selecting "Settings" from the menu.